Collectible Book Series of Georgian Artists


Collectible Book Series of Georgian Artists

The publishing initiative of Reach Art Visual aims to create collectible books of Georgian artists. The project entails publishing high-quality collectible books which will raise awareness around Georgian contemporary artists on the local, as well as the international scale.

The collectible book series of Reach Art Visual unify a distinguished design concept and important bibliographic material. The retrospective presentation of an artist is based on textual research and provides visual material chosen through a curatorial perspective. The availability of such editions is important for systematization, popularization, and research of Georgian contemporary art.

The First Book of the Series

The first edition of collectible books presents one of the founders of Georgian conceptualism, contemporary visual artist and poet, Temo Javakhi.

The concept of Temo Javakhi’s book embodies the artist’s 50 year-long creative path. Painting and poetry, installations, performance and video art, research texts by international and local theorists - this book unifies these multidisciplinary directions and combines them into different themes. With this vision, the publication communicates the trajectory of the artist's life and creative thinking to the reader.

Information about the Artist

Temo Javakhi (Temur Javakhishvili) was born in Georgia in 1951. He studied at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts between 1971 and 1976. Since then, he has participated in almost 80 exhibitions and international project. In 2015 he became a visiting professor at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

Temo Javakhi is a pioneer and one of the most significant representatives of Georgian conceptual art. Javakhi played an invaluable role in the development of the alternative discourse of the older generation of the 80-90's. His creative outlet is diverse: videos, spatial installations, paintings, performances. Javakhi constantly criticizes existing dogmatic norms. Continued search and experiment are what define his multi-faceted creative approach. 

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