Liu-Kandareli Guangwen Solo Exhibition, 2023


Vere Gallery presents, the exhibition of Liu Kandareli Guangwen - a prominent figure in the Georgian community. Liu Kandareli arrived in Georgia 63 years ago to study at the Art Academy and later shared her life with the renowned Georgian artist, Givi Kandareli. Liu Kandareli’s connection with Georgia goes back even further when her grandfather imported famous Chinese tea and fostered tea culture in the country. Liu Kandareli has made significant contributions to Georgian society, particularly in teaching Chinese culture and language. Her vast knowledge, stories, and artifacts have inspired countless scientists, sinologists, and enthusiasts of Chinese culture over the years.

The purpose of this exhibition is to provide a closer and alternative perspective on the enigmatic Liu Kandareli. What poetic depths lie beneath this intriguing woman? Dozens of artworks from her extensive professional and academic career have never been publicly displayed or represented retrospectively. "Liu’s China," a series of watercolors created by this remarkable woman from the Far East, offers a highly individual vision that draws inspiration from Chinese culture. Although Liu Kandareli has continuously worked on this series for years, even during the Soviet period in the 70s, it remains largely hidden from the public eye, distinct from her academic works. These watercolors consist of free-spirited sketches and drawings that showcase Liu Kandareli’s profound approach to objects, events, characters, and narratives.

In Liu Kandareli's artwork, boldness and humor often intertwine with delicate portrayals of character types. These lively and ethereal passages capture the perceptive gaze of a woman who possesses deep knowledge, imagination, and keen observation. Fashion, fabric decorations, and cultural artifacts come alive in subtle forms of visual coherence, communicating in a distinct language that holds great appeal and relevance in today's modern world.