The Anatomy of Painting - Buka Galogre Personal Exhibition, 2023


Buka Galogre's creativity and artistic practice have been developing since the 2010s. The artist's latest era is characterized by an enhanced vision, expressed through experimentation and conceptual exploration. This approach can be seen as a meta-language, rooted in the artist's philosophical and theoretical understanding, combined with a quest for expression. It creates a comprehensive landscape in which Buka Galogre's creative aspirations are revealed.

Buka Galogre presents her own "unification" to both local and international audiences, reinterpreting humanistic principles without being bound by historicism. On one hand, the artist adheres to the traditional fundamental approach to painting, studying "color writing," light and shadow, and color as elements. On the other hand, she develops her own conceptual embroidery, intertwining it with the material itself.

Buka Galogre's solo exhibition showcases a collection of paintings from the artist's most recent period. The pieces on display provide a gentle, sensitive, and feminine perspective on the relationship between nature and humanity.

Within the blurred, untouched surfaces, the vitality of life becomes permanently captured in its ever-changing process, etched onto Buka Galogre's canvases. Human figures and plant motifs serve as echoes of the intense emotions stemming from the infinite. Consequently, in Buka's artistic series, a flower, symbolizing aesthetics, beauty, and multifaceted emotions, emerges as a spontaneous subject of contemplation.

In this exhibition series, the distinct colors of Buka Galogre exude a liberating energy, offering viewers a tangible, bodily connection to painting through sensual and textured strokes.