ZE-GAVLENA – Collectible book


ZE-Gavlena bilingual online magazine about Georgian Art. First edition of ZE-Gavlena represents collectable book and art book concept. The visual narration of the first issue of ZE-Gavlena is focused on the development of the collectible perception of art. It is based on the manifestation of the book, as well as its’ design as an art medium. Visual storytelling of this edition with its various thematic rubrics covers influences and important art tendencies which create our art identity, creative perception of the design and contemporary aesthetical values

  • Read ZE-Gavlena, think creatively and create your #artidentity. 

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Ze-Gavlena concept author and Editor-in-Chief: Thea Goguadze

Design: Irina Kacharava (I-studio)

Cover: Temo Javakhi