Ze-Gavlena - The Artist and the Epoch: Curatorial Perspectives


"The Artist and the Epoch: Curatorial Perspectives" we share with you the 10th anniversary issue with this main theme of Ze-Gavlena. The issue is a rather extensive overview with thematic sections, with interesting multifaceted and various accents. The contributors of the issue - the main actors of the contemporary artistic scene of Georgia, talk to us about their visions, experiences and perspectives.

  • Read ZE-Gavlena, think creatively and create your #artidentity.

Full Episode

Read Ze-Gavlena, discover, recall, reflect and create your own perspective of current cultural processes.

Cover in Georgian: Lado Alexi-Meshkhishvili, Architect on the Edge of Epochs, Exhibition View, TBC Concept, 2022

Cover English: Dorus Daneels, Wings, Peace Cathedral, 2020

Editor-in-Chief of the publication: Thea Goguadze

Editor of the current issue: Mariam Shergelashvili

Design: Irina Kacharava (I-studio)